The Basic Principles Of beautiful xml

late – A euphemism for lifeless/deceased; as in 'My daddy is 2 decades late'. (Unconnected with the thought of tardiness.)

broekie – panties or women underwear. From Afrikaans: broek, indicating "trousers/briefs". Widespread usage: "Will not Obtain your broekies within a knot" which implies "Quiet down".

Philani is cherished, majestic and definitely unforgettable. And with such a beautiful which means, (for being alive), Philani is certain to be one of several leading 10 Zulu toddler names from the many years to come.

laatlammetjie - lit. "late lamb", refers back to the youngest boy or girl in a family, particularly if there is a major age-gap amongst the kid as well as their more mature sibling (or maybe more specially when You can find three or more siblings; the 2nd youngest sibling). It must also be regarded that the mom and dad' are at a complicated age at that time.

bushie – derogatory term to get a "Coloured" particular person. Derived from your word bushman. Bushman are predominantly light in complexion.

dwankie – anyone or a thing that is lame, Silly, uncool, or typically undesirable. Generally made use of being an insult or within a derogatory way. Zef slang. Can be used as both a noun: "Take a look at those more info dwankies around there!" and an adjective: "My chinas have absent dwankie!"

Bhekimuzi is a traditional name meaning ‘appear after the house’. This religiously and culturally precise identify is confined completely in the Zulu inhabitants.

moer-meter – comically describes a person's temperament for their tolerance of bullshit. Derived from your purple thermometer and applied as being a metaphor as illustrated by Donald Duck when he receives mad. Utilised at the side of "bloedaglike vererg".

BeautifulSoup is a Python module that parses HTML (and may deal with common faults), and has helpers to navigate and research The end result. It's handy to scrape facts.

give rocks – being indifferent. One example is: I give rocks regarding your concerns! (I couldn't treatment about your problems!) Can also be abbreviated to "Give rocks.", and also the damaging Edition "I do not give rocks" signifies exactly the same factor.

donga – ditch of the kind located in South African topography. From Zulu, "wall"; this happens to be a mainstream word for such a feature.

The recognition in the catchphrase ensured that it acquired use through most people and so is employed by an individual Every time their in the state of stress.

chop-chop – lit. usually means "swiftly". Is utilized when a person has experienced one thing performed, or desires to have anything carried out in a short length of time. Derived within the chopping of the knife.

The tables on that site have possibly 4 or five columns, which improvements interpretation somewhat, and 50 percent the code below managing that.

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